Find Your Good Space at Creative Playground

Crawley College, Crawley Campus, College Rd, Crawley RH10 1NR

Creative Playground is about being creative, sharing experiences and connecting with others.

A new long-term project in Crawley inviting local people to explore how art and culture can kickstart a new sense of aspiration, joy and togetherness in their town.

Creative Playground puts residents at the heart of decision making. Through boundless thinking, energy and commitment, the project will improve people’s lives by increasing Crawley people’s engagement in arts and culture.

Our vision for Creative Playground is that in 10 years’ time, Crawley will be a creative playground – a colourful and creative place that inspires joyful togetherness. Crawley will be a vibrant and inclusive place to live, grow and learn. A place where we dare to dream for ourselves, for others and for Crawley.

Our volunteering opportunities

Volunteering with Creative Playground looks a little different to what you might see elsewhere. Our main volunteering opportunity is as a Playmaker.

Playmakers are Crawley residents who take part in the programme, meet new people, experience new shows and events, make decisions about it and encourage others to get involved too.

Everyone is welcome to become a Playmaker – you just have to live in Crawley and be open to trying new things. Maybe you have a passion for reading, online gaming, listening to music, watching films, or am-dram. Perhaps you’re a business owner, hair-dresser, delivery driver, teacher, or taxi driver. Whether you work in a pub, at Gatwick Airport, a care home or anything in between – this could be for you.

Live volunteering opportunities