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Supporting our partners

We know that building and maintaining a successful volunteer programme can be complex and challenging. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our partners with a range of resources to help create and deliver inclusive, diverse and successful volunteer programmes.

Practical tools and advice

Harnessing your potential

We provide tools, videos and guides which offer practical advice and support at every stage. Whether you want to start a new programme, diversify your volunteer recruitment, enhance their training and support, or find new ways to recognise and celebrate their contributions, our resources are here to help.

Our carefully curated resources feature best practice advice from volunteering communities across the country. We know the incredible impact that volunteers can have on organisations and communities, and we’ll help you harness that potential to achieve your goals and make a positive difference.

Protecting your volunteers and your organisation

Volunteer Policies

Health and Safety

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Induction and On-boarding

Volunteer Management

Supporting Volunteers

Volunteer Expenses and Finances

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